Outlets at Corpus Christi Bay
Special Report: The Outlet Outlook

Posted: Feb 17, 2016 12:03 AM ESTUpdated: Feb 17, 2016 12:03 AM EST

ROBSTOWN (Kiii News)

It's been years in the making but we are finally about to see a new outlet mall right here in Nueces County. Not only will it impact tourism, but it will eventually add more hotels and restaurants, and you can just imagine what that will do for the local economy. We went down to the Rio Grande Valley, an area that has had a successful outlet mall for 10 years now, just so we could see the possibilities that are in store; and from what we saw, this is going to be huge for the Coastal Bend. Find out more in a 3News Special Report: The Outlet Outlook. Our Heather Gustafson report.

Cinnamon Shore Resort expansion is underway
Special Report: Billion dollar project is underway on Highway 361

Posted: Jan 26, 2016 10:12 AM EST Updated: Feb 05, 2016 10:12 AM EST

Cinnamon Shore Resort (6 Kristy News)

Here is an update on the expansion of the Cinnamon Shore Resort in Port Aransas. 


The billion-dollar project is underway on Highway 361, out on Mustang Island. Developer Jeff Lamkin says the company plans to sell a thousand homes at an average price of one-millions dollars each, 300 units have already been sold. 


Lamkin says he expects demand for the homes to skyrocket, "We've got 4,000 renters a year that are coming down, the families are telling their friends. It's a stable investment for good long-term place." 


The Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce also expects the development to bring more tourists and more revenue to the area.

G.M. NAMED (6 Kristy News)

The Outlets at Corpus Christi Bay (OCCB) has named Cesar Briseño, Jr. as General Manager. Mr. Briseño joins OCCB from the Sunrise Mall in Brownsville, Texas, where he served as General Manager for the past 16 years.

While at Sunrise Mall, Mr. Briseño was instrumental in growing the retail center from an idea into a thriving, positive and profitable shopping community. “I take great pride in knowing my center, knowing my retailers and knowing their families,” said Mr. Briseño.” “I intend to employ that same level of personal enthusiasm and passion to The Outlets at Corpus Christi Bay to ultimately help bring jobs and an outstanding shopping experience to this community.”

Mr. Briseño’s personal connection to the Robstown area began nearly two decades ago at college when he earned a degree in Business Administration from nearby Texas A&I University Kingsville. Since then, Mr. Briseño has not only contributed to this region by growing jobs as a retail professional but also by developing the area’s youth as a football, basketball and baseball coach.

“It was ingrained in me from the time I was a child to get involved and give back to my community. It’s core to who I am and how I’ve raised my own family,” said Mr. Briseño.


“We strongly believe that we have picked the right professional to grow our center and the right person to help build our community,” said Rick Carduner, one of OCCB’s partners. “Cesar Briseño, Jr. will be an outstanding General Manager and is undoubtedly committed to growing our retail center for the long-term.”

Outlets at Corpus Christi Bay
Special Report: C
esar Briseno Jr. Named General Manager

Posted: April 7, 2016 12:03 AM EST Updated: April 7, 2016 12:03 AM EST

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